Annual Joint HADR Exercise 2018 – 'Chakravath'

Annual Joint HADR Exercise 2018 – 'Chakravath' Concludes

The maiden Joint Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) exercise organised by Southern Naval Command at Kochi, in conjunction with the Govt of Kerala and other stakeholders, concluded on 08 April 2018. The exercise provided the local populace an insight into the role and functions of relief agencies and various technological advancements achieved in the field of Search, Rescue and Relief operations. The exercise projected the dynamic capabilities and swift mobilization of the Armed Forces, NDRF, SDMA, Fire and Rescue Services and other relief agencies during a calamity. The exercise included a seminar, skill demonstration, an exhibition, a disaster relief camp and a Field Hospital. Additionally, a ship of the Indian Navy, converted into a Hospital Ship, was also showcased as part of the exercise. Amongst the various activities, the exhibition, which was open to public, invoked much interest. Stalls set up by various agencies provided a brief outlook on their operational functioning and resource management during a large scale disaster. A total of 679 trainees, comprising NCC cadets and students from various schools attended practical demonstrations on survival at sea alongwith life raft operations, fire-fighting skills, donning of various kinds of fire retardant suits and operation of fire extinguishers. The Indian Air Force displayed its evacuation and lift capability with special mention of Op Rahat during the Uttara khand floods. A stall, depicting a real time monitoring and early warning indication system for landslides and maritime communication network, was set up by Amrita Institute. The CIFT stall showcased various exterior division fishermen training programmes, technological advancements in wireless technology and concept of ‘sea mobiles.’ Stalls were also set up by FACT and Dept of Fisheries and Chemicals depicting contingency plans during ammonia leakage and setting up Chemical Emergency Response Centre in case of oil spillage respectively.